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eleva8or introducer engine helps Startups and Investors come together efficiently

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eleva8or also assists with cross-border market discovery and entry, with connections to soft-landing programs

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Camera maker Insta360 raises $30M as it eyes 2020 IPO

On March 19, 2019Source: Asia – TechCrunchBy Rita Liao
Categories: Asia, Funding, Gadgets, Hardware, 3D imaging, action camera, Camcorders, camera+, computing, GoPro, imaging, insta360, Japan, shenzhen, smartphone, Snap, Tencent, Virtual reality

Insta360, one of the pioneers in making 360-degree cameras, just raised $30 million in a Series C+ funding round from Chinese investors, including Everest Venture Capital, MG Holdings and Huajin Capital. The Shenzhen-based camera maker declined to disclose its latest valuation. It plans to use the fresh proceeds in research and development, marketing and after-sales services […]

Xiaomi Q4 sees strong growth in overseas shipment and internet services

On March 19, 2019Source: Asia – TechCrunchBy Rita Liao
Categories: Asia, Gadgets, Hardware, China, hugo barra, india, meitu, miui, mobile phones, operating system, retail, smartphone, smartphones, Xiaomi

Xiaomi, the Chinese company known for its cheap handsets and a vision to drive revenues by selling internet services, has come in ahead of analysts’ estimates in its fourth-quarter profit although revenues missed expectations. The Hong Kong-listed company more than tripled its net profit to 1.85 billion yuan ($276 million), exceeding the 1.7 billion yuan […]

Visa policies threaten innovation but aren’t stopping hiring abroad

On March 19, 2019Source: Asia – TechCrunchBy Arman Tabatabai
Categories: Asia, Diversity, Europe, Government, Hiring, Personnel, Policy, Talent, TC, Apple, Canada, economy, Envoy, envoy global, H-1B visa, immigration, Microsoft, money, talent gap, the wall street journal, United States, us government, wall-street-journal

The growing intensity of the US visa approval process has made it more difficult for companies to attract, support and retain foreign talent. However, recruiters are still sourcing talent from abroad at an increasing clip. According to a recent, roughly 30-page, report published by Envoy – the corporate workforce immigration management platform – US corporate […]

Xiaomi outs Redmi Go, a $65 entry-level smartphone for India

On March 19, 2019Source: Asia – TechCrunchBy Natasha Lomas
Categories: Asia, Mobile, Android Go, Delhi, dual sim, feature phone, india, mobile computing, mobile phones, Nokia, Qualcomm, Redmi, reliance jio, smartphone, smartphones, Xiaomi

Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi has announced a new entry level smartphone at an event in Delhi. The entry-level smartphone is targeted at the Indian market and looks intended to woo feature phone owners to upgrade from a more basic mobile. It runs Google’s flavor of Android optimized for low-powered smartphones (Android Go) which supports lightweight […]

Singapore fintech startup Instarem closes $41M Series C for global growth

On March 19, 2019Source: Asia – TechCrunchBy Jon Russell
Categories: Asia, Finance, Funding, Fundings & Exits, Bank, Banking, ceo, debit card, economy, finance, Indonesia, instarem, Japan, latin america, Lithuania, London, money, Mumbai, Prajit Nanu, Ripple, ripple labs, Seattle, Singapore, south korea, Southeast Asia, TransferWise, unicorn, Vertex Ventures, visa

Singapore’s Instarem, a fintech startup that helps banks and consumers send money overseas at lower cost, has closed a $41 million Series C financing round to go after global expansion opportunities. The four-year-old company announced a first close of $20 million last November, and it has now doubled that tally (and a little extra) thanks […]

Grab launches SME loans and micro-insurance in Southeast Asia

On March 19, 2019Source: Asia – TechCrunchBy Jon Russell
Categories: Asia, Collaborative Consumption, Finance, carsharing, China, commuting, financial services, food delivery, go-jek, grab, hooq, Ping-an, Singapore, Southeast Asia, TechCrunch, transport, Uber, Vision Fund

In its latest move beyond ride-hailing, Southeast Asia’s Grab has started to offer financing to SMEs and micro-insurance to its drivers. The launch comes just weeks after Grab raised $1.5 billion from the Vision Fund as part of a larger $5 billion Series H funding round that’ll be used to battle rival Go-Jek, which is […]

TikTok parent Bytedance is getting serious about games

On March 19, 2019Source: Asia – TechCrunchBy Rita Liao
Categories: Asia, Entertainment, Gaming, Activision Blizzard, bytedance, China, games publisher, mobile game developer, shanghai, Tencent, tiktok, Toutiao, WeChat

A turbulent 2018 for China’s gaming market hasn’t held back newcomers. Bytedance, the world’s most valuable startup behind a collection of rising new media apps including TikTok and Jinri Toutiao, is making a further push into video games after it took control of a mobile game developer through a roundabout deal. According to a business registration […]

This YC-backed startup preps Chinese students for US data jobs

On March 16, 2019Source: Asia – TechCrunchBy Rita Liao
Categories: Asia, Education, alibaba, Amazon, bytedance, careertu, China, Facebook, founder, media startups, messaging apps, musical.ly, New York, paul graham, Shopify, social network, Tencent, tiktok, WeChat, Y Combinator

In recent years, data analysts have gone from optional to a career that holds great promise, but demand for quantitative skills applied in business decisions has raced ahead of supply as college curriculum often lags behind the fast-changing workplace. CareerTu, a New York-based startup launched by Ruiwan Xu, a former marketing manager at Amazon, aims […]

Apple kerfuffles, praise groups, and media layoffs

On March 16, 2019Source: Asia – TechCrunchBy Arman Tabatabai
Categories: Asia, Media, The Extra Crunch Daily

Lots of news and interesting tidbits to wrap up the week. Apple kerfuffles Apple has been vindicated (for a brief moment anyway) in its long-standing dispute with Qualcomm. From Stephen Nellis at Reuters: A U.S. federal judge has issued a preliminary ruling that Qualcomm Inc owes Apple Inc nearly $1 billion in patent royalty rebate […]

Pi Day wasn’t pleasant for a lot of tech execs

On March 15, 2019Source: Asia – TechCrunchBy Danny Crichton
Categories: Asia, Finance, Talent, The Extra Crunch Daily, bird, Chris Cox, Coupang, Facebook, Flipkart, india, Lee Fixel, Naspers, Paytm, payu, Tesla, Tiger Global Management, TPG Growth

Pi Day is apparently New Job day for tech execs and VCs these days. Leaving: Lee Fixel It’s not every day that one of the top VC investors heads out from their shop. TechCrunch’s @cookie aka Connie Loizos has the story: Lee Fixel, the low-flying head of Tiger Global’s private equity business, is leaving at […]

Surging costs send shares of e-commerce challenger Pinduoduo down 17 percent

On March 14, 2019Source: Asia – TechCrunchBy Rita Liao
Categories: Asia, Earnings, eCommerce, alibaba, alibaba group, Amazon, bytedance, China, e-book, e-commerce, online marketplaces, pinduoduo, Qutoutiao, shanghai, supply chain, tiktok

China’s new tech force Pinduoduo is continuing its race to upend the e-commerce space, even at the expense of its finances. The three-year-old startup earmarked some big wins from the 2018 fiscal year, but losses were even greater, dragging its shares down 17 percent on Wednesday after the firm released its latest earnings results. The […]

Acko, a digital insurance provider in India, raises another $65M at a $300M valuation

On March 13, 2019Source: Asia – TechCrunchBy Ingrid Lunden
Categories: Asia, eCommerce, Recent Funding, Startups, TC, Transportation, acko, india, insurance

Acko — a startup out of India that has taken on the country’s antiquated insurance industry with a digital-first product for drivers and others in transportation-related scenarios (for example, cancelled ticket insurance) — has raised more funding as it passes 20 million customers on its books. The company has closed a Series C of $65 […]

Drivezy, India’s vehicle-sharing startup, is raising $100M+ at a $400M valuation, eyes US expansion

On March 13, 2019Source: Asia – TechCrunchBy Ingrid Lunden
Categories: Asia, Automotive, Collaborative Consumption, eCommerce, Recent Funding, Startups, TC, Transportation, car ownership, cars, drivezy, p2p, p2p lending

Drivezy — the startup out of India that wants to turn private car usage on its head through a car-sharing network where people lend their cars and two-wheeled vehicles but also have options to use vehicles from a fleet managed by Drivezy — said it is raising more money as it gears up for the […]

CXA, a health-focused digital insurance startup, raises $25M

On March 13, 2019Source: Asia – TechCrunchBy Jon Russell
Categories: Asia, Finance, Recent Funding, Startups, asia pacific, b capital, Banking, China, cxa group, economy, Eduardo Saverin, Europe, Facebook, finance, healthcare, Indonesia, insurance, Louisiana, money, north america, openspace ventures, singtel, SingTel Innov8, Southeast Asia, venture capital

CXA Group, a Singapore-based startup that helps make insurance more accessible and affordable, has raised $25 million for expansion in Asia and later into Europe and North America. The startup takes a unique route to insurance. Rather than going to consumers directly, it taps corporations to offer their employees health-flexible options. That’s to say that […]

NVIDIA and OpenAI’s capped returns

On March 12, 2019Source: Asia – TechCrunchBy Danny Crichton
Categories: Asia, Government, Hardware, The Extra Crunch Daily, Ant Financial, LinkedIn, maimai, nvidia, OpenAI, Zhaopin

Editor’s note: Starting as a trial, the Extra Crunch Daily newsletter is going to be delivered Tuesday-Saturday, in order to faithfully analyze the happenings in the startup and financial world Monday-Friday. Open AI’s capped returns OpenAI announced yesterday that they are going to be offering a “capped return” security for investors as part of the […]

The Juggernaut is a subscription media company for the South Asian diaspora

On March 12, 2019Source: Asia – TechCrunchBy Jon Russell
Categories: Asia, Media, TC, Buzzfeed, China, editor, Facebook, india, McKinsey, media, Musicians, New York, Scroll, the juggernaut, Y Combinator, yale

Everyone and their dog seems to have an email newsletter today, but what happens if and when yours takes off? Some have gone down the paid route, but another credible alternative is to turn it into a subscription media business. That’s a route that The Juggernaut, a new pay-to-play publication targeted at the South Asian […]

China’s Qutoutiao is burning millions of dollars to take on TikTok parent

On March 12, 2019Source: Asia – TechCrunchBy Rita Liao
Categories: Apps, Asia, Earnings, Entertainment, Beijing, bytedance, China, e-book, Facebook, mobile applications, netease, Qutoutiao, Shanda, shanghai, Software, Tencent, tiktok, Toutiao, Yahoo, yahoo china

Chinese startup ByteDance is finding itself surrounded by challengers as its empire of new media products, including global video app TikTok and Chinese news aggregator Jinri Toutiao, gather steam. Tencent tried to play catch-up with a handful of new short-video services, and a Facebook clone of TikTok was reportedly in the making. Less-famous players also tried […]

Meituan confirms Mobike’s retreat from most overseas markets

On March 11, 2019Source: Asia – TechCrunchBy Rita Liao
Categories: Asia, Transportation, Amazon, asia pacific, Beijing, bikes, China, food delivery, latin america, Meituan, Meituan-Dianping, mobike, obike, The Financial Times

TechCrunch reported last Friday that Mobike has scrapped operations across the Asia Pacific region as a key step towards a long-term plan to scale back its international business. On Monday, its parent company Meituan confirmed that the pioneer in China’s bike rental sector will shut down most of its foreign markets. “Mobike international business is […]

China’s authorities propose to keep minors out of live streaming

On March 11, 2019Source: Asia – TechCrunchBy Rita Liao
Categories: Apps, Asia, Entertainment, Beijing, China, communist party, digital media, facial recognition, huya, live streaming, Multimedia, new media, Streaming Media, Tencent, video services

China is getting serious about the way live-streaming videos affect tens of millions of youngsters, so much so a top authority has proposed to tighten restrictions on underage use. According to a report from the China Youth Daily, the Communist Party-controlled All Youth Federation recently submitted a proposal during the once-a-year parliamentary session, urging the […]

The other smartphone business

On March 9, 2019Source: Asia – TechCrunchBy Natasha Lomas
Categories: Asia, Europe, Mobile, Privacy, Security, Startups, TC, africa, antitrust, Bolivia, China, data protection, finland, GDPR, General Data Protection Regulation, geopolitics, google-android, india, Jalasoft, Jolla, mobile linux, privacy, Rostelecom, russia, sailfish, Sami Pienimäki, security

With the smartphone operating system market sewn up by Google’s Android platform, which has a close to 90% share globally, leaving Apple’s iOS a slender (but lucrative) premium top-slice, a little company called Jolla and its Linux-based Sailfish OS is a rare sight indeed: A self-styled ‘independent alternative’ that’s still somehow in business. The Finnish […]