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When surveillance meets incompetence

On February 19, 2019Source: Asia – TechCrunchBy Devin Coldewey
Categories: Artificial Intelligence, Asia, Opinion, Privacy, Security, TC, China, face recognition, facial recognition, sensenets, surveillance

Last week brought an extraordinary demonstration of the dangers of operating a surveillance state — especially a shabby one, as China's apparently is. An unsecured database exposed millions of records of Chinese Muslims being tracked via facial recognition — an ugly trifecta of prejudice, bureaucracy, and incompetence.

Lenovo leads $10M investment in 6-legged robot maker Vincross

On February 19, 2019Source: Asia – TechCrunchBy Rita Liao
Categories: Artificial Intelligence, Asia, Hardware, TC, artificial intelligence, Beijing, China, computing, Face++, ggv capital, lenovo, neuroscience, robot, Zhongguancun

Vincross, the company behind the six-legged robot Hexa, said on Tuesday that it has picked up $10 million in a Series A+ funding round led by Lenovo Capital, the startup fund managed by Lenovo Group. Returning investor GGV Capital and newcomer Seekdource Capital also participated. The company declined to disclose its latest valuation but said […]

Twitter names first international markets to get checks on political advertisers

On February 19, 2019Source: Asia – TechCrunchBy Natasha Lomas
Categories: Advertising Tech, Asia, Europe, Social, Australia, disinformation, Election Interference, election security, european union, federal election, General Election, india, Indonesia, online advertising, Philippines, Political Advertising, presidential election, social media, targeted advertising, Thailand, Twitter

Twitter has announced it’s expanding checks on political advertisers outside the U.S. to also cover Australia, India and all the member states of the European Union. This means anyone wanting to run political ads on its platform in those regions will first need to go through its certification process to prove their identity and certify […]

Amazon is reportedly merging its China import unit with NetEase

On February 19, 2019Source: Asia – TechCrunchBy Rita Liao
Categories: Asia, eCommerce, alibaba, alibaba group, Amazon, China, e-commerce, game publisher, Hangzhou, JD.com, London, netease, online marketplaces, shenzhen, Tencent, Tmall, western union

You’d be forgiven for not knowing Amazon has operated in China for more than a decade, but perhaps not for much longer. The company is reportedly in talks to merge its China-based import business with local peer Kaola, the cross-border shopping platform run by Chinese internet behemoth NetEase, Caijing reported (link in Chinese) on Tuesday. The deal, […]

Flipkart co-founder Sachin Bansal invests $92M in Ola

On February 19, 2019Source: Asia – TechCrunchBy Jon Russell
Categories: Asia, Funding, Fundings & Exits, TC, Transportation, asia pacific, binny Bansal, Entrepreneur, Flipkart, india, Ola, Sachin Bansal, Steadview Capital, Uber, United States, Walmart

The money is starting to flow from India’s largest startup exit. Ola has added a major name to its ongoing financing round after it confirmed that Flipkart co-founder Sachin Bansal has invested 650 crore INR (around $92 million) into the Indian ride-hailing business. The deal rumored in January when Paper.vc, an intelligence service that sifts through company […]

‘There’s no way the US can crush us,’ Huawei founder claims

On February 19, 2019Source: Asia – TechCrunchBy Jon Russell
Categories: Asia, Australia, Beijing, Canada, huawei, iran, Japan, Meng Wanzhou, New Zealand, Ren Zhengfei, smartphones, telecommunications, The Financial Times, U.S. government, United Kingdom, United States, vodafone

Huawei’s founder has come out fighting against the U.S. government after he claimed that “there’s no way the U.S. can crush us.” Ren Zhengfei, who founded the telecom company in 1987, doesn’t often make public statements, but, in a rare interview with the BBC, he defiantly claimed that Huawei’s business is growing stronger amid pressure […]

China tells teachers to quit assigning homework through WeChat

On February 18, 2019Source: Asia – TechCrunchBy Rita Liao
Categories: Asia, Education, Beijing, China, Department of Education, homework, learning, netease, Software, Tencent, WeChat, yuanfudao

China’s education authorities are about to take some burden off parents with school-aged children. A proposal posted last week by the Department of Education in China’s eastern province of Zhejiang said teachers should be banned from using WeChat, QQ or other mobile apps to assign homework or ask parents to grade students’ assignments. As mobile internet […]

China’s Didi is laying off 15% of its staff

On February 15, 2019Source: Asia – TechCrunchBy Rita Liao
Categories: Asia, Personnel, Transportation, carsharing, China, didi, driver, layoffs, transport

China’s largest ride-hailing firm, Didi, plans to let go 15 percent of its employees, or about 2,000 people this year, sources told TechCrunch. The cut comes as the beleaguered transportation giant copes with a stricter regulatory environment that puts a squeeze on driver supply and backlash from two high-profile passenger murders last year. Chief executive Cheng […]

Alibaba takes an 8% stake in Tencent-backed anime streaming site Bilibili

On February 15, 2019Source: Asia – TechCrunchBy Rita Liao
Categories: Asia, Entertainment, alibaba, alibaba group, animation, Baidu, China, Didi Chuxing, e-commerce, iQiyi, online marketplaces, shanghai, taobao, Tencent, video hosting

E-commerce giant Alibaba is continuing its push into the world of youth culture after it scooped up an 8 percent stake in anime streaming and game publishing company Bilibili. According to a securities filing on Thursday, Alibaba’s Taobao marketplace has acquired about 24 million shares in Bilibili, the Shanghai-based firm that has captured 93 million monthly users […]

China’s Didi reportedly lost a staggering $1.6 billion in 2018

On February 14, 2019Source: Asia – TechCrunchBy Rita Liao
Categories: Asia, Transportation, alibaba, AutoNavi, Beijing, carpool, carsharing, China, commuting, didi, Didi Chuxing, driver, eCommerce, Meituan-Dianping, mobike, transport, Uber

China’s largest car-hailing company is facing relentless pressure from all fronts. Beijing-based Didi Chuxing reportedly lost a staggering 10.9 billion yuan ($1.6 billion) in 2018, according to financial data that Chinese news site 36Kr obtained. For some context, Uber posted a net loss of $939 million on a pro forma basis and an EBITA loss at $527 million during […]

Amazon, Western Union debut PayCode to sell goods in emerging markets and let shoppers pay in cash

On February 14, 2019Source: Asia – TechCrunchBy Ingrid Lunden
Categories: Asia, eCommerce, Finance, Mobile, Payments, TC, alibaba, Amazon, developing markets, emerging markets, payments, qr code, western union

While Amazon has been methodical (read: a little slow) in launching local versions of its site for various global markets, it has now embarked on a secondary track to snag more business outside the 14 countries where it has built out full operations. Amazon has partnered with Western Union to set up a service called […]

Alibaba’s Ant Financial buys UK currency exchange giant WorldFirst reportedly for around $700M

On February 14, 2019Source: Asia – TechCrunchBy Jon Russell
Categories: Asia, Europe, Finance, Payments, TC, alibaba, alibaba group, alipay, Ant Financial, asia pacific, Banking, China, Companies, economy, financial services, mobile payments, moneygram, online marketplaces, online payments, remittance, Southeast Asia, spokesperson, The Financial Times, U.S. government, United Kingdom, United States

Ant Financial, the financial services behemoth affiliated with Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba, has made its first big move into Europe. It’s acquired London-headquartered payments company WorldFirst in a deal that sources tell us is valued at around $700 million. (That price would also line up with multiple reports from December claiming the two were in […]

Thailand’s Jitta raises $6.5M to develop an algorithm-powered wealth fund

On February 14, 2019Source: Asia – TechCrunchBy Jon Russell
Categories: Asia, Finance, Funding, Fundings & Exits, bangkok, beacon venture capital, jitta, kasikorn bank, Singapore, Startup company, Thailand, United States, vietnam, warren buffett

Jitta, a Bangkok-based fintech startup, has announced a $6.5 million round as it prepares to launch an investment fund for consumers in what would be a first for the Thai market. The deal, which is described as pre-Series A, is one of the largest in Thailand for some time and it was led by Beacon […]

China’s Alipay digital wallet is entering 7,000 Walgreens stores

On February 14, 2019Source: Asia – TechCrunchBy Rita Liao
Categories: Asia, Finance, Payments, alibaba, alibaba group, alipay, Ant Financial, calgary, Canada, China, First Data, food, JD.com, malaysia, mobile payments, moneygram, New Years Day, north america, online marketplace, online marketplaces, online payments, red-envelope, Tencent, U.S. government, vancouver, Walgreens, WeChat

China’s payments heavyweights have been following tourists abroad as their home market gets crowded. Ant Financial, Alibaba’s financial affiliate with a valuation of $150 billion, now sees its virtual wallet Alipay handling transactions at 3,000 Walgreens stores in the U.S. and is eyeing to reach a roster of 7,000 locations by April. The alliance will make […]

CEO of Rappler, a media company critical of the Philippines government, is arrested

On February 14, 2019Source: Asia – TechCrunchBy Jon Russell
Categories: Asia, Media, abs, Barack Obama, China, disqus, eBay, Facebook, Jakarta, journalism, Manila, Maria Ressa, media, north america, Omidyar Network, Philippines, pierre omidyar, quora, Rappler, supreme court, United States

There’s serious concern around press freedom in the Philippines after Maria Ressa, the CEO of independent media company Rappler, was arrested last night. Ressa, who was CNN’s bureau chief in Manila and then Jakarta prior to starting Rappler in 2011, was arrested on cyber libel security charges for an article published in 2012, according to […]

Indonesia-focused Intudo Ventures raises new $50M fund

On February 14, 2019Source: Asia – TechCrunchBy Jon Russell
Categories: Asia, Funding, Fundings & Exits, Venture Capital, China, Convergence Ventures, entrepreneurship, finance, Founders Fund, Goldman Sachs, Indonesia, Intudo Ventures, investment, Jakarta, Singapore, Southeast Asia, taiwan, temasek, United States, venture capital, Walgreens

Intudo Ventures, a VC firm focused on Indonesia, has closed a new $50 million fund. This is Intudo’s second fund to date following its $20 million debut last year. The firm is a relative newcomer to Southeast Asia but a key differentiator is that it is solely focused on Indonesia, which is the world’s fourth most populated country […]

PayPal shutters Malaysia office as part of customer service reorg

On February 13, 2019Source: Asia – TechCrunchBy Jon Russell
Categories: Apps, Asia, Payments, alibaba, alibaba group, Ant Financial, China, e-commerce, economy, finance, india, Japan, kuala lumpur, malaysia, mobile payments, money, online payments, PayPal, Philippines, Southeast Asia, taiwan, Thailand, WhatsApp

Payment giant PayPal has closed its office in Malaysia as part of a restructuring of its customer support teams. The office, located in capital city Kuala Lumpur, was home to a team of customer service agents that catered to PayPal users across the Asian region and beyond. Now, its responsibility will be assumed by other […]

Manipulating an Indian politician’s tweets is worryingly easy to do

On February 13, 2019Source: Asia – TechCrunchBy Jon Russell
Categories: Asia, Social, digital media, Facebook, finance, Google, india, journalist, narendra modi, operating systems, presidential election, social media, Twitter, United Kingdom, United States, WhatsApp

Here’s a concerning story from India, where the upcoming election is putting the use of social media in the spotlight. While the Indian government is putting Facebook, Google and other companies under pressure to prevent their digital platforms from being used for election manipulation, a journalist has demonstrated just how easy it is to control […]

It isn’t just apps. China’s cinemas broke records during Lunar New Year

On February 13, 2019Source: Asia – TechCrunchBy Rita Liao
Categories: Asia, Entertainment, alibaba group, Alibaba Pictures, Baidu, China, cloud computing, Companies, e-commerce, iQiyi, lunar new year, Netflix, New Years Day, smartphone, Tencent, tiktok

China celebrated Lunar New Year last week as hundreds of millions of people travelled to their hometowns. While many had longed to see their separated loved ones, others dreaded the weeklong holiday as relatives awkwardly caught up with them with questions like: “Why are you not married? How much do you earn?” Luckily, there are […]

No, Tencent isn’t about to burn Reddit down

On February 12, 2019Source: Asia – TechCrunchBy Jon Russell
Categories: Asia, TC, Apple, Beijing, bytedance, cantbelieveievenhadtowritethis, censorship, censorshit, China, Epic Games, Evan Spiegel, firewall, great firewall, Reddit, Snap, Tencent, Tesla, tiktok, United States, vpn, WeChat

Ahoy, it’s doom and gloom for Reddit after the company welcomed investment from Chinese censorship overlord Tencent. Well, not quite. The reality is, in fact, it’s quite the opposite. In recruiting the company behind one of the internet’s largest and vibrant social networks — chat app WeChat — and countless blockbuster games, Reddit has pulled off […]