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eleva8or helps Startups in emerging markets need an automated approach to prepare themselves to access capital sources. eleva8tor is neither crowdfunding nor a fund. eleva8tor acts as an advisor to assist Startups with tools to prepare themselves for funding.

eleva8or has two principal co-founders who have collective experience of over 20 years assisting Startups in Silicon Valley and in emerging markets. Once you signup you will have the chance to meet them and discuss your Startup.

eleva8or typically focused on early stage companies from Startup/Angel to Series A/B and the predominate sectors are technology solutions impacting everything from social, the various industry verticals which include education, healthcare and financial services.

eleva8or covers all emerging markets and has actively assisted companies from the GCC, Southeast Asia, Latin America, Africa, and Eastern Europe with advisory services and funding.

Our experts will answer your questions