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eleva8or introducer engine helps Startups and Investors come together efficiently

For Startups, eleva8or helps them to prepare for due-diligence to attract capital from savvy investors around the globe

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eleva8or is not crowdfunding, typically one or two Investors participate in deals



Kyklo is bringing the billion-dollar electromechanical industry into digital sales

On March 21, 2018Source: Asia – TechCrunchBy Jon Russell
Categories: Asia, Fundings & Exits, TC, bangkok, seedplus, Thailand, wavemaker partners

The electromechanical industry may not be the kind of sexy tech that you’ll regularly read about in TechCrunch, but we like solutions to problems, and that is why I am about to write about a company in the aforementioned industry. Add in that the startup is based in Asia — Thailand, to be precise — and […]

Tech industry comes out swinging against potential Trump tariffs

On March 19, 2018Source: Asia – TechCrunchBy Danny Crichton
Categories: Asia, Government, Policy, trade associations

Over the weekend, the Information Technology Industry Council and 44 other trade associations banded together and published a letter demanding that the Trump administration take “measured” steps to stop China’s unfair trade practices and voiced its opposition to unilateral tariffs that could damage industries as diverse as electronics and agriculture. As we have been covering […]

Alibaba doubles down on Lazada with fresh $2B investment and new CEO

On March 19, 2018Source: Asia – TechCrunchBy Jon Russell
Categories: Asia, eCommerce, Fundings & Exits, alibaba, e-commerce, Lazada, Southeast Asia

Alibaba is increasing its control of Lazada, its e-commerce marketplace in Southeast Asia it acquired control of in 2016, after it injected another $2 billion into the business and replaced its CEO with a long-standing Alibaba executive. Alibaba’s first investment came in April 2016 when it bought 51 percent of Lazada for $1 billion, and […]

Li Ka-Shing to step down as chairman of CK Hutchison, owner of 3 and other tech holdings

On March 16, 2018Source: Asia – TechCrunchBy Ingrid Lunden
Categories: Asia, Personnel, TC, ck hutchison, hong kong, Li Ka-shing, Three UK

A significant changing of the guard is underway in the world of telecoms and tech out of Asia. CK Hutchison, a Hong Kong conglomerate that owns the European mobile carrier 3 among other mobile and tech holdings, has announced that Li Ka-Shing is stepping down as the company’s chairman and executive director, after 46 years […]

AirAsia, Southeast Asia’s low-cost airline, is considering an ICO

On March 16, 2018Source: Asia – TechCrunchBy Jon Russell
Categories: Asia, Cryptocurrency

AirAsia, the low-cost airline in Southeast Asia, is considering an initial coin offering (ICO) as part of a push into financial services. Tony Fernandes, CEO of the $3 billion company which is publicly listed in Malaysia, told TechCrunch that he is analyzing the potential to hold an ICO that would raise money by introducing its […]

Trump readying ‘all of the above’ fusillade on Chinese tech

On March 14, 2018Source: Asia – TechCrunchBy Danny Crichton
Categories: Asia, Broadcom, China, Congress, donald trump, Qualcomm, trump, United States

President Trump’s decision to block a mega-merger deal between Broadcom and Qualcomm appears to be just the opening gambit for a significantly bolder strike on Chinese technology and investment firms as well as Chinese nationals learning and working in the United States. For an administration that is as defined by its day-to-day chaos as its […]

UN says Facebook is accelerating ethnic violence in Myanmar

On March 13, 2018Source: Asia – TechCrunchBy Natasha Lomas
Categories: Apps, Asia, Government, Policy, Social, disinformation, Facebook, fake news, hate speech, Myanmar, social media

The United Nations has warned that Facebook’s platform is contributing to the spread of hate speech and ethnic violence in crisis-hit Myanmar. It’s yet another black mark against social media at a time when the tech industry’s reputation as an accelerator of false information is attracting criticism from the highest places. This week the government of […]

Grab, Uber’s Southeast Asia rival, now offers micro-loans and other financial services

On March 13, 2018Source: Asia – TechCrunchBy Jon Russell
Categories: Asia, Collaborative Consumption, Finance, TC, grab

Ride-hailing service Grab is being heavily linked with a deal to buy out Uber’s business in Southeast Asia, but those rumors aren’t stopping it from building its fintech platform after announced a financial services unit. The Singapore-based company has been pushing itself into fintech for some time, with the most visible moment being the launch of […]

India’s Ola takes its Uber rivalry to Australia with launch in Sydney

On March 12, 2018Source: Asia – TechCrunchBy Jon Russell
Categories: Asia, Collaborative Consumption, TC, Australia, Ola, Uber

Ola, Uber’s key rival in India, has taken its first step overseas after its service officially went live in Australia via a launch in Sydney. The company announced its plans to go Down Under at the end of January and in Sydney, which is its first full launch, Ola said it has signed up over 7,000 […]

Grab launches a bike-sharing service in Southeast Asia

On March 9, 2018Source: Asia – TechCrunchBy Jon Russell
Categories: Asia, Collaborative Consumption, TC, grab, Singapore, Southeast Asia

After much speculation, Southeast Asian Uber rival Grab has jumped into the bike-sharing space after it launched a service in Singapore. GrabCycle Beta will offer services from a range of services, including bike-sharing services oBike — which includes Grab as an investor — GBikes and Anywheel, plus electric scooter rental Popscoot. The project is the […]

India’s Prime Venture Partners closes new $60M fund for seed investments

On March 8, 2018Source: Asia – TechCrunchBy Jon Russell
Categories: Asia, Fundings & Exits, TC, bangalore, Ezetap, hackerearth, india, Prime Venture Partners, zipdial

India’s Prime Venture Partners has refueled its tanks for more angel investing after it announced a new fund of INR 400 crore, or around $60 million. Started by three managing partners — serial entrepreneurs Sanjay Swamy, Shripati Acharya and Amit Somani — in 2011, this fund represents the third (and largest) investment vehicle for the firm. Its previous […]

Carsome raises $19M for its used-car sales platform in Southeast Asia

On March 8, 2018Source: Asia – TechCrunchBy Jon Russell
Categories: Asia, Automotive, eCommerce, Fundings & Exits, TC, Carsome, Lumia Capital

Funding for Southeast Asia’s car trading platforms is like buses. After a long wait without news, a third startup has raised funding in the space of a month. Carsome, a Malaysia-based company that also operates in Singapore, Indonesia and Thailand, announced today it has raised a $19 million Series B round just weeks after smaller […]

MIT aims to spark innovation in Southeast Asia with its Global Startup Workshop

On March 8, 2018Source: Asia – TechCrunchBy Jon Russell
Categories: Asia, TC, MIT

MIT, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, one of the world’s most hallowed educational institutions is turning its attention to Southeast Asia where it hopes to plant the seed of innovation among a new generation of potential entrepreneurs. That’s through MIT’s Global Startup Workshop (GSW), a 20-year-old conference on innovation and technology, which is headed back to Southeast […]

Google is bringing messaging to its Tez payment app in India

On March 7, 2018Source: Asia – TechCrunchBy Jon Russell
Categories: Apps, Asia, TC, Google, india, payments, Paytm, tez, WhatsApp

Messaging and payments continue to converge in India after Google added chat features to its Tez payment app in India. The move follows the introduction of peer-to-peer payments inside WhatsApp in India, its largest country worldwide with over 200 million users, last month and it now allows users of Tez to communicate directly with contacts […]

Korean internet giant Kakao is launching a blockchain company

On March 6, 2018Source: Asia – TechCrunchBy Jon Russell
Categories: Apps, Asia, Cryptocurrency, blockchain, crypto, Kakao, korea

Kakao, the Korean internet firm that operates the country’s largest messaging app, is moving deeper into crypto after it revealed plans to launch a blockchain-focused business unit. A Kakao representative confirmed the plans and that the company has hired Han Jaesun, CTO of gaming startup FuturePlay, to head up the business. The company isn’t commenting on exactly […]

Xiaomi phones could finally go on sale in the US before the end of this year

On March 5, 2018Source: Asia – TechCrunchBy Jon Russell
Categories: Asia, Mobile, TC, Lei Jun, Xiaomi

Chinese smartphone giant Xiaomi could make its debut in the U.S. as soon as this year, according to its CEO. Lei Jun, the serial entrepreneur who leads the phone maker, told the Wall Street Journal that the company — which is being linked with an IPO this year — plans to finally begin selling phones […]

Zen Rooms, Rocket Internet’s budget hotel network in Asia, faces fire sale or closure

On March 5, 2018Source: Asia – TechCrunchBy Jon Russell
Categories: Asia, Fundings & Exits, Rocket Internet, Southeast Asia, zen rooms

Zen Rooms, a budget hotel network funded by Rocket Internet among others, is facing shutdown if investors are unable to sell the loss-making business. The two-year-old company offers a network of affordable hotels in 50 cities across Southeast Asia that are designed as a happy medium between affordable guesthouses, which are typically not organized and hard […]

Alibaba rival JD.com posts first annual profit as a public company

On March 2, 2018Source: Asia – TechCrunchBy Jon Russell
Categories: Asia, Earnings, eCommerce, TC, China, commerce, JD.com, NASDAQ

When you hear ‘e-commerce in China’ you’ll probably ‘Alibaba,’ but another company is making progress to challenge the assumption that $450-billion company is China’s only online retail giant. JD.com, the nearest e-commerce competitor to Alibaba in China, has reported its first year of profitability as a public company. The Beijing-headquartered company was founded in 1998 […]

Tencent Music, Spotify’s strategic partner in China, is valued at over $12B

On March 1, 2018Source: Asia – TechCrunchBy Jon Russell
Categories: Asia, Funding, Media, TC, China, Spotify, streaming, Tencent

Spotify has finally filed to go public, and in doing so the Swedish company has shed light on another huge music company that has been tipped for IPO — Tencent Music — which is now valued at over $12 billion. Tencent and Spotify announced a share swap in December that saw each side take an […]

Sea President Nick Nash is leaving to start his own Asia-focused investment fund

On February 28, 2018Source: Asia – TechCrunchBy Jon Russell
Categories: Asia, Earnings, TC, sea, Southeast Asia

Nick Nash is leaving his role as group president of Sea, the Singapore-based games and e-commerce company that went public in the U.S. last year, to start his own startup fund. Sea announced that Nash will exit the company at the end of 2018, giving it plenty of time to transition and find a replacement. […]